Deep Impact Compilation – Ghost Record Label: Out now!

Deep Impact Compilation out now in digital format in the main digital stores.

  1. File Not Found – Legacy
  2. Shade Of Echoes – Fall Of Agony
  3. Torchbearer – Paralysed
  4. Maledia – Falling Generation
  5. HaddaH – Immortal Soul Of The Conqueror God
  6. Oigres – No Fear, No Truth
  7. Jack Brain – Elevate
  8. Rebis – Mud And Silver
  9. Smoking Tomatoes – Smoking Tomatoes
  10. Gravestone – Proud To Be Dead
  11. Nikk & The Bad Boys – Horror With The Phantom

Grave Party 2017

HaddaH would like to thank Eric Vieni for letting us coming back to the GRAVE PARTY!

A suffocating heat didn’t stop us from playing at Area 1, and to heat even more those present who, with passion supported all the bands of the festival.

Particular thanks go to Marcello, without which we couldn’t participate. Although our split, there is still friendship, which has come out on stage, as in the past. So Cello, good luck for the future and horns raised up for you! /,,/,

Live at Grave Party 2017

Pubblicato da HaddaH su Sabato 8 luglio 2017

HaddaH live at Grave Party 2017

We proudly announce that we will partecipate to Grave Party 2017 – Area Feste Gaggiano (MI) on 8th July. We will play at stage “Area 001” at 18.40pm.

The bill includes more than 60 bands, stands, horror set, parties, good beers and camping.

We also confirm that on drums will be Marcello Provenzi as very special guest, that we thanks in advance for his availability.

Soon more infos.
Stay HH!