HaddaH – Path to Nefrath

Path to Nefrath

1. I Am Alexandros
2. Immortal Soul Of The Conqueror God
3. When Rage And Vengeance Desire Blind The Heart Of The Mighty Berserker
4. Witness The Empty Thrones Of Space And Time
5. Sunlight Like Knives In The Flesh
6. No More Sorrow

Music & Lyrics by HaddaH

Except No More Sorrow
Written by Linkin Park © Zomba Songs Inc.
Chesterchaz Publishing/Big Bad Mr.Hahn Music/Nondisclosure Agreement Music
Rob Bourdon Music/Kenji Kobayashi Music/Pancakey Cakes Music
All administered by Zomba Songs Inc. BMI

Produced by HaddaH & Mirko Nosari
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mirko Nosari at Bunkker, Verona

Released and distrubuted by Kreative Klan – 2015

Front cover art by Colin Marks – Rain Song Design
Booklet layout design by Fabio Fortini
Band photo by Davide Ravera
Photo stock by Mihail V.Ivanov